Wow!! October is here and only two more months to go for a new year…

Mother Nature surprised us all with her earthly showers. It’s raining on and off in Chennai. In one time, it’s cloudy and yet other times its dark clouds that cover the sky in dark grey! Meteorological weather report forecasts rain will be there until 7th and it slows down.  Hope, it rains in the catchment areas for continuous water supply.

I’m trying to check the weekend plans, sipping the hot cuppa of coffee while looking at the handmade book of happiness. It’s a personalized gift for Lazz!! What is more interesting than gifting your man, a handmade book of happiness in your own writings and pictures?

Personalized gifts are always special for any occasion as they are unique and customized with our own preferences. They are treasured one among our keepsakes!

gift ideas for husband

I’ve always enthused by the doodle art shared by ‘The Happy Page’ in Facebook. So, whenever it pops up on my Facebook wall, it prompts me to draw one. Thus, the idea of personalized handmade book of happiness sprang from one such drawing.  Even though, I’m not well-versed in Doodles art, I thought of giving it an attempt!

birthday gift for husband after marriage

handmade gift ideas for husband

To begin with, I started to pen down all moments that happened in the last three months of our married life. Some of the moments were so silly that broke us into laughter and yet some other was best that made us so loving and happy together. It’s those little moments that make the life big!! Giving life to those little moments in the form of art is much more valuable and exquisite.

I bought the handmade book from an online store – Amazon.

As ink drawings last longer, I borrowed an ink pen from the sweet little gal who resides in the first floor. She’s in 5th grade and has good collection of ink pens!!

birthday gift for husband after marriage

I completed a total of 30+ drawings resembling each moment. I’ve gift wrapped and gave it to Lazz on his birthday. He was so surprised and loved each of the drawing. With every page, he could easily reminisce each moment.

He felt so lovely and this was something close to his heart!

With Luv,