This week, we almost completed our Terrace Garden set up!! Hurray!!!

Seeds were sown and we are eagerly waiting to see it sprouts. And, finally, I had some quality time to complete the Warli folk art painted on one side of the balcony wall.

Warli Painting is a beautiful tribal art native to Maharashtra. It is one of the traditional Indian paintings depicting the culture and heritage of Warli tribe. It is the easiest painting that could be put into cozy decor! Two triangles, one inverted over other connected by a line to a circle complete the picture of a tribe.

warli painting youtube

All you need is some acrylic white color and fine brushes. Typically, it’s painted on red ochre or any other dark background color or any earthy tones. But, I chose chrome yellow color for a brighter and cool look to match with the green plants in the balcony.

You can also check this out at my Youtube Channel. Warli Painting Tutorial | Traditional Indian Painting

how to paint warli

Prepare a paper draft of the Warli art. It would be helpful to give you an idea of what all needs to be incorporated into the picture. I used a color pencil to outline the picture and then painted it with white acrylic color.

how to do warli painting

warli painting tutorial for beginners

Hope you’ll like it!!

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