Looking for a handmade gift for this festivity? Grab some beeswax and lightweight oil, melt it and pour it in a mold… You’ve a luxurious deep moisturizing lotion bar and they make a perfect gift!!

Lotion bars are solid bars containing skin-loving plant-derived natural oils & butters which melt on contact with skin.

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It’s easy to do and, more precisely, you’ll get to know what’s in your product. These lotion bars are eco-friendly and are easy to carry on your travel tours. It’s free from parabens, SLS, SLES, mineral oil and preservatives. As you start using it, you’ll skip your regular moisturizers and lotions. You could also make it a scented version using essential oils or an unscented one without any fragrances.

lotion bar, kokum butter, kokum.butter, lotion bar recipe, lotion bar diy, how to make a lotion bar, kokum butter benefits

Adding in, Shea butter and kokum butter makes it extra moisturizing and nourishes your skin. They help to reduce stretch marks and scars in the long run. This lotion bar has effectively reduced and healed cracked heels for my mom. It also helps to combat dry skin and it feels super silky on the skin. One small bar comes for 8 to 10 uses. If made in large bunches and stored in an airtight container, then it goes for a year. Keep it away from direct sunlight and heat. I store the lotion bars in a refrigerator to prevent them from liquefying.

Pop in a spoon of arrowroot powder or cornstarch to make it less greasy and fast absorbing. Here’s a recipe for a luxurious Shea butter lotion bar.


Shea Butter – ½ cup
Kokum Butter – ½ cup
Tamanu oil – ¼ cup
Rosehip oil – ¼ cup
Grapeseed oil – ¼ cup
Vitamin E oil – 3 ml
Beeswax – ¼ cup (More of it, will make the bar harder)
Arrowroot powder – 1 tbsp. (Optional0

  • In a heat-safe container, add all the butter and oils (except Vit E oil) along with beeswax. Place the container over a saucepan with an inch of water in it, creating a double boiler set-up to melt the ingredients.
  • Stir until the butter melts and remove from flame.
  • Add the vitamin E oil and fragrances of your choice and stir thoroughly.
  • Add arrowroot powder and mix well. Carefully, pour the melted oil mixture into each cavity.
  • Place the mold in the fridge for rapid cooling of the mixture. Remove the mold after an hour.

diy lotion bar

If you love body butter, here is a recipe for Whipped Body Butter Recipe With Mango Butter


  • If your mold is not rigid, it becomes difficult to move it around. So, place the mold on a solid surface to carry it around. I get to know it after pouring in the mixture. Please be careful on choosing the mold.
  • To clean the container, wipe it out with tissue paper. Then, pour hot water and rinse with soap solution.

Disclaimer: In case if you are allergic to any natural oils or butters, please avoid the same. What suits for me, might not suit you! The best is, do a patch test before using it.

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