We had a wonderful Independence celebration at office. There was competition held across the unit. We won the Bay decoration and Rangoli competition!

After a long time, I wore my oxidized silver jhumkas to office for the Independence celebration. What becomes outdated today will be tomorrow’s trend!

The journey of Jhumkas has marked a significant era in  Indian Jewelry. In olden days, they became every gal’s must-haves in their jewelry collection. Undeniably, Moms of 70s and 80s had a pair of those lovely little chandelier earrings. Gradually, it started to fade away over a period of time. Reminiscing the days, when my mom wanted to buy me a pair of traditional gold Jhumkas and I refused it, as outdated.  Because, in olden days, having a jhumkas earring in gold is considered as a pride possession.

Now, I’m yearning to buy one in gold! 🙂

These days jhumkas have become a trend and add elegance to one’s attire. They are available at an affordable price in countless sizes and shapes. Wherever I go for shopping, I tend to pick a pair of jhumkas. They are attractive and look traditional with an ethnic wear. There are different types of jhumkas available in stores. I prefer to buy it directly from the store as they are available at lesser price than through online shopping.

Some of the jhumkas from my little-known collections differs with the type of material they are made of.

Some are in metals like gold-plated, pearl, German silver and some are hand-crafted like quilled, silk thread woven jhumkas. Gold-plated and pearl jhumkas looks attractive for any ethnic wear, be it a saree or an anarkali salwar. German silver or oxidized metal are perfect choice for any black colored dresses. Hand-crafted jhumkas can be used as daily wear to office.

So, how many jhumkas do you own? Comment below!


With Luv,