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After my post on Rica waxing, I got several requests to do post on hot wax especially the sugar wax. It’s been a long time that I’ve used sugar wax for hair removal.

After a couple of hunt, I bought it online. You can find it here. I hope it might be helpful! Here’s a review of The Body Care Fairy hot wax.


It costs Rs. 75 for 200g. It comes in a package of 3 costing Rs.297 including shipping.

where to buy hot wax for hair removal

How does it feel?

Though the product comes in a microwaveable jar, I prefer using it in a wax heater. It melts rapidly and spreads easily without tugging the skin. As always with sugar wax, dab the skin with little talcum powder before applying it. Then, use paper /muslin cloth strips to remove the wax. It’s painless! Again, pain depends on your hair length and your pain threshold.

It’s a water-soluble mixture and the wax residue is removed easily with water. It leaves a beautiful sheen on the skin. Unlike other flavored liposoluble wax, it’s easy to clean and not sticky.

sugar wax online

It contains sucrose, lemon juice and water. No chemicals! Natural ingredients are an added advantage to buy it again. It is suitable for all skin types. And, sugar waxing effectively removes the hair from its sheath and thereby slows down the hair growth considerably.  Besides, it doesn’t pull the skin rather it gently removes the dead cells.

It’s been two weeks and I didn’t see any ingrown hairs. Also, exfoliating the skin on regular basis will help to prevent from ingrown hairs. Use a mild scrub or pumice stone (not to be used on facial skin) to exfoliate the skin.

what is the best sugar wax to buy

One jar of wax roughly comes for three to four uses. So, it’s worth the money.

Have you tried this sugar wax? I’d love to hear from you all.

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