Happy Friday!!

The soaring mercury levels have dropped after the surprising intense rains. Two days ago, we had considerable rain of short time. A half hour drive in the bike with my friend, the rain left us fully drenched.  It’s refreshing and a big relief from the heat wave!

On the way home, I saw a shop keeper revamping the front door with folk art. Looking at, my painting popped into my mind… So, how to refurbish an old door..

There’s a better way to restore an old damaged door. Give an artistic touch to it with the elegance of Kalamkari Painting.

First, clean the door and use white color to prime it. Two coats are more than enough. It gets easier to draw when primed. Lastly, use a black acrylic color to outline the drawing and fill it with green color for the background.

Here’s what it looked like before painting…

how to restore an old door

… and now

how to restore an old door

I’m quite happy with how this turned out! Hope you can find some ideas to use..

With Luv,