Rush Hours!! It’s half past twelve… It’s time to pack my bags and rush to get the cab. A five minute delay would end up waiting for an hour for next cab. I boarded the cab and it’s just thirty minutes drive to home. The day ended well!

I start my morning with a visit to my garden. Chirping tailor-birds, buzzing bees, fluttering butterflies, gleaming sunshine, fresh air would rejuvenate your mind every day.  I always had this thought of why is my rain lily is not blooming?

And today, pathways are ornamented with plenty of little, colorful lilies. They are the nature’s weathercock to forecast monsoon rains!!

 why is my rain lily not blooming

how to plant rain lily bulbs

Growing rain lilies (commonly known as Zephyranthes) from bulbs is much easier than growing any other lilies of Amaryllis family. Plant and forget it. They bloom profusely on the onset of monsoon rains.

when to plant rain lily bulbs

Do rain lily bulbs multiply? Yes, they do!

Zephyranthes bulbs look like shallots and multiply rapidly. I got pink rain lily, yellow rain lily and white rain lily from my friend and propagated the plant along the pathway in the garden. They are ideal for pavement and create a beautiful border. The six petal trumpet shaped flower lasts a few days which attracts better-known pollinators’ bees and butterflies.

Growing rain lilies in pots is a great addition to the balcony garden!

growing rain lilies in pots

best time to plant rain lily bulbs

when to plant rain lily bulbs

Let’s hope.. Monsoon rains are on the way..

With luv,