The fragrance of Motherhood always spreads out joy across the home. Be it, a human or a dog, it couples up happiness with a dose of love. It keeps everyone on their toes to nurture the newborn with utmost care.

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Having a pet at home will change our lives! Our priority tends to change as we spend time with them.

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Ninitha is three year old – A Golden Retriever. She’s so friendly and her intellect is quite astonishing. I met her a year ago and she still remembers me. Recently, she gave birth to three puppies and they are now a new special part of the family.

At first, I was little reluctant to touch the puppies thinking that, it would bother the nursing mother. As they turn a month old, she started to limit the time with them and she has let them walk around independently.

I had a great time with the lovelies !!

With luv,