It feels so good to be in the garden every morning. Monsoon is here… I was cleaning up the trellis to remove dry leaves from the bitter gourd plant.

How to Grow Bitter Melon, How to Grow Bitter Gourd

How to Grow Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is one of the easiest vines to grow at the backyard. They thrive well in all seasons. This time, I got the female plant and it gave me three good yields. In every yield, I got 12 to 14 gourds. Harvest the gourds before it ripe. The vines spread the trellis so quickly.  They don’t require much care. However, you’ll have to remove the plant if it’s infested by powdery mildew.

growing bitter gourd at home

The darker the color, bitter the fruit is.. To reduce, the taste of bitterness you can add a pinch of jaggery when you cook.

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