Love for decorating your home begins with happy walls! 

Home décor accessories come in wide ranges to sparkle your rooms. Yet, wall decals stole the hallway and it is the best décor accessory available at an affordable price! They are also known as wall stickers.

Wall decals are easily obtainable in varied shades and it differs in design, size and cost. An alluring design in perfect shade creates a warm feel in every room. If the design is too clumsy and the wall shade is bright, the room looks unappealing. A simple design in shade contrast to the tones of walls will enhance ambience in the room.  Wall decals do come in simple designs, 3D designs, designs in metallic shades, mirror finish, quotes and a lot more. Chalkboard decals can be used to label bottles. Decal that glows in the dark is apt for kids and new-borns room. Nevertheless, one must be cautious in selecting quotes decal as it may look averse to the home.

wall decals art

I bought all the wall decal stickers through online and they didn’t cost more than 250 Rs. I chose black colored decals as they look decent on any hues of the wall. If the wall color is white, choose a combination of black and red. They add warmth to the room in varied lighting styles.

vinyl wall decals how to apply

For shades other than white, go for black wall decal. Make sure to choose wall decal made of PVC vinyl as they last longer.

vinyl wall decals how to apply

wall decals how to apply

How to transfer the design?

Care must be taken while transferring the design on the wall.  To ease the work, the segments of the designs are numbered. All you need to do is to take a look at the full design and choose the number correctly. And also, ensure that there are no air bubbles when you sponge the surface.

wall decals how to apply

wall decals how to apply

Wall decals with paper backing must be transferred with accuracy. When it’s done, peel the transparent paper backing from the decal slowly. There are chances that the wall decals might pull off whilst removing it. I damaged one of the wall decal and I had to reapply to fix it.

Now the room looks bright creating a warm ambience at home!

With Luv,