As an apprentice still learning the art of gardening, one thing I was sure about growing bulbs! They are much easier to grow than any other plants. Amidst all, they give the endeavor of serenity with their myriad hues of flowers.

Bury them in the soil and they will sprout regardless of the seasons. Even if it’s withered, it will sprout again. That’s the existent magic spell of growing bulbs!

football lily plant care

football lily plant care

I bought the bulbs of Football lily from an online store. They are also known as African blood lily, May lily.  Bulbs of four arrived in a decent package. I covered them up in the soil at three different places to ensure that one of them survives the hot weather. Two to four leaves came out and withered. Then, there was no sign of growth. And, I didn’t remove the bulb from the soil hoping to see it grow.

How to grow Football Lily

football lily

Last summer, flower stalk emerged out from the soil with a dazzling scarlet color. I wonder at the shape and appearance of the flower, created by Mother Nature. Each flower looked like a globe with star shaped filaments that appears from the umbel. The flower lasted for a week and then it slowly started to fade from scarlet to pink. Wherever I planted the bulbs, they flowered rapidly.  These huge furry balls bloom during the month of April – May and only one flower will emerge out from a plant every summer.

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