As long as it’s still a summer vacation, you would want to spend leisure time at home dabbing your fingers in paint even if the heats spell are high, I say go for it!

I’ve have always had a desire to create a geometric wall art using painter’s tape. Besides, it’s easy to create a textured or patterned wall and it’s totally inexpensive! The one space that needs a makeover is the pantry wall in the Kitchen.  I had left the space to do a colorful Madhubani Painting but after a long thought I made up my mind to give up the idea as the space is narrow. Now, it’s time for a makeover!!

I chose a neutral color as it works well with any décor style, be it traditional or rustic love. They appear warm and welcoming!

geometric wall art

What you’ll need:

  • Painter’s tape
  • Roller Brush
  • Paint color (I used Asian Paint – Grey color)
  • Newspapers
  • Paint tray

How to do:

In just 4 steps, you’ll be able to style a striking patterned wall art. This was done on primed wall.

geometric wall pattern

1. Tape it on – Create a geometric design like a scalene triangle. If not, forget about the design and go with your design to create your own pattern. You could make stripes, squares or any geometric designs for that matter. Do seal the tape carefully by pressing it with your fingers. If not, paint might seep through it.

2. Paint it on – Pour some paint on the paint tray. If you don’t have a tray, you could also use a large polythene bag. Dip the paint roller and dab the excess paint before painting it on the wall. It’s time to rock n roll! Make sure to stir the paint often throughout the project.

diy wall art

3. Peel it off – As soon as you’re done, peel off the tape gently. If it’s dried then it will be difficult to peel it off and it might cause paint to chip off.

geometric wall painting

4. Jazz it up – You could create a sponge effect along the line.

As paint will splatter while painting the surface, cover the floor and other things with old newspapers or clothes. It will be easier to clean later.

You can also check this out at my Youtube Channel. DIY – Geometric Wall Art using Masking Tape – Get artistic!!

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Get creative and artistic!! Let your kids have fun by painting the wall this summer!!

With luv,